The procedure for asking our Support team to add custom questions to your existing instrument is the same as the procedure for asking us to build you a unique instrument. Following the steps below will assure that you give us all the information we need to build your questions, with limited delays.   

If you are still in the phase of determining what questions you want to ask, remember that your consultant is happy to consult with you on those choices. Once you have decided what questions to use:  

  1. Email with a Word Document containing the questions and answer options for your questions. 
  2. Indicate either what name you would like the instrument to have, or what instrument(s) you want the questions added to as custom questions. If you use IDEA instruments, please indicate by name which instruments you want to include the custom questions.  
  3. If these are custom questions, indicate whether you want them added by org unit, or by attribute
    • If by org unit, please indicate which org unit you want to include the custom questions.
    • If by attribute, please indicate which attribute you want to include the custom questions. Bear in mind that you will have to import the attribute, and assign it to relevant course sections, via Core Data import.  
  4. If some of your questions are optional, and some are required, please indicate which is which. 
  5. Please give the support team 4 business days to build the instrument. They will reach out to you with questions and let you know when the changes are complete.  

After Support has built your questions, it is very important that you review to make sure that the questions reflect your needs. You can do this in two ways: 

  1. The Support Team can provide you with screenshots of the questions, at your request.  
  2. If you have an upcoming or current administration that uses the instrument in question: 
    • Navigate to the Administration Details page.
    • Scroll down to Course Sections.
    • If custom questions, search for a section that is meant to include the custom questions.
    • On the right, click Preview. This will show you the question and answer options that appear for students in that course section.
    • Review and let Support know if any changes are necessary. 
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