The Diagnostic Feedback Instrument is the tool of choice for a comprehensive assessment of teaching effectiveness. The report provided to faculty and administrators presents key feedback for improving a course, including:

A central feature is the data collected on student perceptions of their progress on relevant learning objectives. Before the survey is administered, the most important learning objectives for the course are chosen, and students then rate their progress on those objectives.

The instrument controls for extraneous factors (e.g., student work habits and motivation) beyond the instructor’s control, and allows you to compare results to other groups within your institution or to national norms. The report also provides a summary of how students perceived the difficulty and workload of the course as well as indicators of their motivation and effort in the course.

Reports can be released as soon as 48 hours after survey completion, or at a later date designated by the survey administrator based on university policies. 

See the Diagnostic Feedback Sample Student Survey

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