Learning Essentials is an end-of-course tool that provides feedback about student progress on relevant learning objectives. Students rate their progress on learning objectives that are pre-selected as important or essential in the course.

The instrument also includes the “overall” or summative items included with all IDEA instruments: “Overall, I rate this instructor an excellent teacher,” and “Overall, I rate this course as excellent.” The report also provides a summary of students’ motivation and effort in the course.

Learning Essentials is appropriate to use in courses where there is little direct instruction and outcomes are most important such as in a practicum or laboratory course. Faculty get a report detailing student progress on those learning objectives to help identify where course adjustments may need to be made or where different teaching methods may need to be used. 

Reports can be released as soon as 48 hours after survey completion, or at a later date designated by the survey administrator based on university policies.

See the items on the Learning Essentials instrument.

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