The custom report builder allows site admins to select data points in order to generate a more granular report.

Creating a report

From the home screen, click the reports dropdown and select Custom Report Builder.


Any saved reports that you have created will show on this screen to either view or delete if needed.


Click “New Report” to start the report creation wizard.


From here you can select the various options to customize the way you want to display your collected data.

 Report Display

The first step allows you to select how you would like the data to be presented. The selection made in this step will determine how granular the report data is. If you choose to list data by section you also have the option to list each section by instructor.



Data Scope

This section allows you to select the Organizational Units and Term that you would like to pull data from.



Choose Questions

After choosing the scope of the data to display you will be able to select the evaluation questions that you would like to include in the report.


Include Data Calculations

Once your questions have been selected you can then set the calculation you would like included in the report.


Name and View Report

The final step is to give the report a name and click view to see your report.




The information in the report will appear in accordance with the options you selected in the previous steps and can be saved and exported from this screen.


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