Accessing Anthology Evaluate

1. To access your course evaluation results, please go to

2. Login to the site using your campus username and password.


Report administrators (i.e., Deans and Chairs) can have access to some or all of the reports below:

  • Faculty Quantitative Data (for individual sections)
  • Faculty Qualitative Data (for individual sections)
  • Segment Comparisons (for individual sections)
  • Instructor Summary Reports 
  • Question Mean Analysis
  • Response Rate Report

Access to reports and permission are set by the Full Site Administrator(s) on campus. Full Site Administrators also have access to a Raw Data Export.


Quantitative, Qualitative, and Segment Comparison Reports

The Quantitative Report shows breaks down each quantitative question to include the mean, standard, deviation, and total responses for a single course section.

The Qualitative Report shows all of the responses to open-ended questions for a single course section.

If enabled, the Segment Comparison Report allows instructors to compare a single course section to other courses in their program, department, college/school, or institution. There must be a minimum of three sections in a unit for a comparison to be made.

To choose the segment to compare to, open the drop-down next to 'your course compared to' and choose the applicable segment. The report will then reprocess to include the mean for the segment chosen. 

These reports can be saved as a PDF using the "Print Reports" button or printing through your internet browser.

Instructor Summary Report

Instructor Summary Reports are available for each instructor that was evaluated within a term.  There is a summary report for each evaluation that was used. Each question asked on the evaluation is listed with the frequency, total number of responses, mean, standard deviation, and number of students that may have skipped the question. Courses are grouped together by question so that the instructor and/or administrator can get a holistic view of all data for that particular item. 

Reports may be printed by using the print function in any browser. PDF's may be made in browsers like Google Chrome where a 'Save as PDF' option is available.

Question Mean Analysis

The Question Mean Analysis is a report for Campus Administrators, Provosts, Deans, and Department Chairs. This report gives an overall summary by question of all results in the area the person is responsible for. A Department Chair can only view the courses/faculty in their department, a Dean can only view courses/faculty in their college. These access levels are assigned through User Roles.

The report is laid out by displaying the mean for each question on the evaluation. The data may be filtered by changing the drop-down selections. This allows for comparing Colleges to Colleges or Departments to Departments. 

Response Rate Report

The Response Rate Report allows Full Site Administrators and Report Administrators to view the response rates for active and closed evaluations for the unit(s) they have access to.

Raw Data Export (Full Site Administrators only)

Full Site Administrators have the ability to export raw data to an excel file for any semester. All questions and responses on the evaluation are in the file, including:

  • Core evaluation questions
  • Institutional unit or custom course section attribute questions
  • Faculty added questions

The file will also note the assigned course section attributes for each course section.

By default, student identifiers to the responses will NOT appear in this export file. If you wish to enable this feature, please contact your Consultant.

When an evaluation has both 'course' questions and 'instructor' questions, the raw data export will separate a students response into different rows on this export.  One row will include student responses to all of the 'course' questions and the other row will include responses to all of the 'instructor' specific questions.


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