Tennessee Technological University transitioned from paper surveys to Anthology Evaluate in 2017. Theresa and her team spent a year marketing and gaining input from campus administrators, faculty, and students in an effort to make the transition as successful as possible. Following a successful implementation, the new system has advanced the institution's teaching and learning environment by enlivening the use of results to improve teaching. Theresa has also worked collaboratively with other departments to change the approach of students, who now take these assessments more responsibly. In this session, Theresa will share her success story and reflect on the overall process.

As a result of this training, attendees will be able to:

  • Create your own action plan to strengthen your own institution's culture of assessment.
  • Apply the shared tips and strategies to your own institution.
  • Analyze the university's targeted methods of increasing both student and faculty buy-in.
  • Describe Tennessee Technological University's migration experience.

Audience: Site Administrators and other campus stakeholders

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