This article will serve to provide a general overview of the optional Core Data file and its impact in the Course Evaluations product for non-technical users. This is not meant to be a guide for Data Managers in the construction of files. Please see our Technical Resources for further help and guidance. The Course Evaluations platform has one optional file. The optional file gives you access to additional functionality in the site. The optional file is:

  • Attributes

Attributes File

The Attributes File import allows you to apply attributes or “tags” to course sections to give them a designation that falls outside of the organizational unit structure. Attributes have two uses in Course Evaluations:

  1. Create an Administration group based on an attribute. For example, pulling all graduate courses into one Administration.
  2. Ask custom questions to course sections with assigned attributes. For example, asking a custom question of all online course sections.

Core Data File View


Platform View




 Attributes File Technical Resources



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