New printing options are now available!

Faculty Course Reports

When viewing an instructor course report the printer icon has been replaced with a Print Reports button.  When this button says Print Reports the Quantitative & Qualitative reports will be printed.  If the Institution uses IDEA evaluations, the Summative and Formative reports will be printed as well. 

When viewing the Segment Comparison report the print button will change to say Print Comparison.  Clicking this button will print the Segment Comparison report including frequency graphs based on the comparison that has been selected. 

The new print buttons are now available for both administrators and instructors.


Question Mean Analysis & Response Rate Report

Print buttons have been added to the Question Mean Analysis (QMA) and the Response Rate Report.  The Print button on these reports will print the page based on the filters that have been set.  

Unit Summary Report (IDEA Institutions)

The Print button has also been added to the Unit Summary Report which is available for Institutions who are using IDEA evaluations.  The Print button on this page will print a view of the current tab of the report that has been selected.



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