Updates to Choosing Objectives

The Objective Selection Form(OSF)

Objectives are now numbered on the OSF page for Instructors.  Associating the objectives with a number will allow for easier conversations between Instructors and other stakeholders at an institution.

By clicking on "Learning Objectives" on the OSF page Instructors will be able to easily link to the IDEA website to get more information about how to choose the correct objectives for their sections and to get a more in-depth understanding of each objective.



The Autofill Form

Similar to Instructors, Administrators will also see the numbering of objectives when they are on the Autofill page as well as the link to get more information about the objectives.  There were also updates to the styling of this page to match the OSF experience of Instructors.


These updates are only relevant for Institutions utilizing the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction Instruments.

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