Release Date: May 29, 2024

Release Overview

The Distributed Permissions system now includes a permissions export feature, enabling users to generate a CSV file that displays all user permission assignments. This enhancement provides complete transparency into the permissions granted to every user within the site.

Interpreting the Export

The export file provides detailed identifying information for all users who have been granted permissions in the system and includes their External ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, assigned Tags, and their unique permissions.

Permissions are categorized into three main categories: Data Management, Evaluations, and Reporting. Each category will show the total number of permissions granted, except for those marked as "No Access." Users can review detailed information about the individual permissions within each category, including the type of action granted and the level of data access (unrestricted or limited to specific organizational units).

The Faculty Reports permission item has an additional column which identifies whether the Faculty Reports permission has been limited to one or more Tags.

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