Updates to Course Evaluations

Send a sample mailing

Site administrators can send themselves a sample of their scheduled or past mailing but clicking on the "Send Sample" link next to the mailing.


A sample of the mailing will be sent to the email associated with your account.

How do I send a Sample Email


Administration Mailing Updates

  • Measures were put in place to enhance mailing performance.
  • In order to ensure students are not accidentally emailed after their course evaluations have closed we have restricted the student mailing to not be scheduled and sent after the administration close date.
  • (IDEA Campuses only)  In order to ensure faculty are not accidentally emailed a Objective Selection Form(OSF) reminder after the administration close date we have restricted that mailing to not be scheduled and sent after the administration close date.


Removal of the Question Catalog

The original purpose of the Question Catalog was to enter questions that were going to be commonly used, and then apply them to multiple units within the organizational chart.  

It has been decided to retire this feature since it was not being widely used.  By doing this it will allow time to be more productively spend creating new ideas for features.

Any questions that were previously being asked a Question Catalog questions can be asked as Institutional Unit questions instead.  If you have any questions please reach out to your Campus Labs consultant.

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