Campus Labs continually works to improve the user experience for our faculty, students, and administrators. In this update, we have made user interface changes in the Faculty website to improve workflow, add better tracking of cross listing, and show more accessible, cleaner page. 


Course data continues to be displayed in boxes:

Even if your course has not yet been included in an administration, you will have the ability to view course data, as well as roster information. When the course has been included in an administration, this view will update to include relevant information regarding your evaluations (Start Date, OSF, Report Release Date, Custom Questions).


Reporting for Cross-Listed Courses:

 A. For courses cross-listed within the same administration, you will be able to view your results, response rates, Objectives Selection Form, and roster in one location.

B. For courses cross-listed in separate administrations, you will be able to view the results, response rates, and roster counts broken down by individual course section. To view the full roster information, click on "View Roster" in the top right corner. To view the Objectives Selection Form, click on "Objectives Selection Form".

Please note: Cross-listed courses in separate administrations cannot be combined or "rolled up" into one report view. For cross-listing best practices, please contact your Campus Consultant.


Summary Reports:

Faculty Summary Reports are now available at the top of the page. In addition to receiving Quantitative and Qualitative Summary Reports via email, faculty will now be able to access their Summary Reports on the Faculty Experience page. There will be one Summary Report per evaluation, which will be available at the date the administrators has released reports.

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