To help manage the campus data set within Campus Labs, students may be manually enrolled or un-enrolled within the interface.
To perform this action from the homepage click on Sections and then Search for the course section that needs a student change


Once the course section is found, select the course section and do one of the following actions:

1) Add a student-

  • Select the Add button at the top right corner of the Student box. 
  • Search for the student by first name, last name, or username (person identifier). 

After the student is selected, choose the Status they have in the course (active, enrolled, or completed). For the purposes of taking surveys, all three statuses are treated equally. 
**If their name or email is incorrect, you may edit it here.


2) Un-enroll a Student- 

  • Select the Unenroll option next to the student name. The student will then be moved down into the Un-enrolled section.
  • If the student has already responded, you will have the option of removing their responses when the un-enrollment happens. 
    *Please note- if you choose to remove the responses they are permanently deleted.
  • Students may only be enrolled or un-enrolled before an administration has closed.

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