To help manage the campus data set within the system, faculty may be manually added, removed, or swapped within the interface.  These manual changes can only be made to course sections that are included within an active Administration. Please be aware that file imports can override your changes.  Please contact your data manager if you manually remove or swap a faculty member.

To perform this action from the homepage click on Sections and then Search for the course section that needs a faculty change


Once the course section is found, select the course section and do one of the following actions:

1) Add a faculty-

  • Select the Add button at the top right corner of the Faculty box. 
  • Search for the faculty by first name, last name, or username (person identifier). 
  • After the faculty is selected, choose the Role they serve in the course. 
    **If their name or email is incorrect, you may edit it here. 

2) Remove a faculty- 

  • Select the Remove button next to the faculty name.
    Removals can only be done prior to any reports being received for a faculty member. If a removal is done when the course is on an active administration, results will be deleted for that user. If the results should be preserved, use the Swap option instead. 

3) Swap an incorrect faculty to a correct faculty-

This action will move any collected results to the new person and recalculate the respective report views. It may take up to 24 hours for all reports to update. 

  • Select the Swap button next to the faculty name. 
  • Search for the faculty by first name, last name, or username (person identifier).


If a faculty user record is missing, please contact your data manager for an updated Accounts/User import to be processed. 


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