Below you will find a wide range of Evaluate resources. These resources are organized in order of operations for faculty, report administrators, full site administrators. You will also find resources that will be useful to all users. 


Table of Contents: 

IDEA for Faculty
IDEA for Report Administrators
IDEA for Full Site Administrators
IDEA Resources for all

IDEA for Faculty

Preparing for the Evaluation Period - As an instructor here are topics to keep in mind as you approach the evaluation period. 

Introduction for Faculty -[video]- Overview of the Evaluate tool for faculty.

Basic Navigation -[video]- Quick tour of the interface and summary reports.


Progress on Relevant Objectives - Understand how your progress on relevant objectives affect your reports.

Choosing Learning Objectives-[video]- How and where to select learning objectives.

Creating Custom Questions -[video]- Directions on how to create custom questions.


Reporting Guide for Instructors - How to log in, site overview, and reports. 

IDEA comparison Reports - Understanding comparison groups and how to view them in your reports. 

Overview of your reports - How to interpret your IDEA Diagnostic reports.

Understanding each report section - Understanding how to interpret each of the five reports that are available. 

Understanding the Main Reports Page -[video]- Intro to the main report page, Progress of Relevant Learning Objectives, and overall scores.


Converted Scores -[video]- Understanding and using converted scores.

Adjusted Averages -[video]- Understanding and using adjusted averages.

Formative Feedback -[video]- Understanding the Formative tab and using Teaching Method suggestions.

Qualitative Data -[video]- Understanding how to use your qualitative data.

Segment Comparisons -[video]- Understanding segment comparisons.

Trends Analysis -[video]- Using the Trends Analysis tool.

How to print reports - Print individual course reports and summary reports.



IDEA for Report Administrators: (Deans, Chairs, or Provosts)

Overview of available tools for Administrators-[video]- A short video that walks you through the IDEA tools and what reports are available to administrators. 

Reporting Guide for Deans and Chairs - A guide on logging in, understanding what reports your faculty see and what reports you can see.

Question Mean Analysis - This report gives an overall summary by question of all results in the area the person is responsible for.

Faculty Course Reports - Reports available to you as the report administrator.

Unit Summary Reports - Understanding and using your unit summary reports



IDEA for Full Site Administrators

Autofill and Lock Course Learning Objectives - Autofill learning objectives for a course, department, or across campus. These can be locked so faculty can't make edit what has been set by a department. 

Accreditation and AAC&U - Various resources that show how to use different aspects of the IDEA system for accreditation purposes. 



IDEA Resources for all

Introduction to Course Evaluations with IDEA for Administrators -[video]- A quick overview; preview of reports.

Getting Good Response Rates -[video]- A quick presentation of our best practices.


About the IDEA Instruments

Getting started - IDEA Instruments - An overview of the IDEA instruments and how they affect faculty.

Identifying the best IDEA instrument - Which instrument will be best for our campus based on the data we need?

The Three IDEA surveys - Information on each one and what questions are asked in each. 

  • Diagnostic Feedback - Most comprehensive with rich reports and includes both the following surveys.
  • Learning Essentials - Focuses on student's progress, most useful in courses where there is little direct instruction and outcomes are most important such as in a practicum or laboratory course.
  • Teaching Essentials - Focuses on teaching methods that are highly correlated with instructor and course excellence. 



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