Can I customize my emails?

Yes, all emails are completely customizable.

Can I email a reminder to faculty who haven’t filled out OSFs?

Yes, administrators can schedule OSF reminder emails to faculty.  This email option automatically will filter out any faculty who have completed all of their forms.

This email reminder can be found within an Administration under Associated Mailings > Faculty. 

Can I see what OSF selections I have entered in a previous term?

Yes, OSF’s are available to faculty after the administration window closes in a read-only view. This will allow faculty to look back at previous semesters to review what they have selected.

Can I set up a time frame for Objectives Selection Forms to be completed?

No, it is available until the survey closes.


How can I see who filled out OSF forms?

You can check to see who has filled out their Objectives Selection Forms on the Administrations page by selecting 'View Remaining Faculty'.


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