How do I access my course evaluations?

  1. To access the available courses to evaluate, please go to
  2. Login to the site using your campus username and password.

For more information, please click here.

Can I make a submission once an evaluation is closed?

No, once the deadline for the campus evaluation closes you are no longer able to complete your submission. There is no way to reopen the evaluation to allow additional submissions.

Will my responses be anonymous?

Yes, instructors will not be able to identify which responses to the evaluation are yours (as long as you do not provide any identifiable information about yourself). The Course Evaluation platform even has a threshold function that limits the reporting view for faculty if less than three students respond to the course evaluation.

How can I edit my responses?

After you have completed an evaluation, it will move to the “Submitted” section of your page. There will be a green Edit button available to make additional changes to your responses up until the administration closes.

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