Can I make the Feedback session anonymous?

Feedback results are identified so that a faculty can connect with their students to resolve any reported issues in the classroom.

Can I add questions?

Feedback sessions were designed to take less than one minute and are not modifiable by the faculty member. If you would like to create your own questions for measuring learning rather than teaching, our SRS tool may better suit your needs.

Can I edit the questions?

Questions are standard so that we may provide developmental resources off of the content. Feedback questions are based on IDEA’s Teaching Essential form - found here:

Teaching Essentials (TE) provides formative feedback about teaching methods highly correlated with instructor and course excellence. The form is best used by those faculty who wish to obtain feedback about how to improve teaching.

Can I share the responses?

Emailed daily digest reports can be forwarded to external stakeholders and web reports may be printed using the browser’s print option. By default, only the faculty has access to the results.

Who can see them?

By default, only faculty members will have access to their own reports.

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