After your session has closed, you will receive an automatically generated summary report via email. This will show basic information related to the feedback you received.

For more in-depth reporting, as well as trend analysis, you also have the option of viewing your reports within Feedback.

Keep in mind that only you will have access to your reports.

Accessing Your Report

In order to access your report, find the appropriate course, and click the "Reports" button.

This will take you to the Summary Report based on all information for every available session.

At the top of the page, you will see a bar graph depicting Yes or No responses for the "Understood the course material" question, with each bar labeled with that session's date.

Below this, you will see individual line graphs for each question in the assessment, as well as a small hyperlink labelled "Suggestions".

By clicking this link, you will be taken to an IDEA resource page with suggestions for how to improve within that particular area.


Viewing and Manipulating Your Report

On the left side of the page, you will see two areas labelled "Students" and "Sessions".

By mousing over or clicking on the date of the session, the specific data points that correspond to that date are highlighted.

By mousing over or clicking on the name of a student, the specific data points that correspond to that students' entries are highlighted.

Also, when you mouse over an individual session date, you will see another option labelled "View". Clicking "View" will take you to an individualized report for that specific session.

On the session-specific reporting page, you will see that session's information broken down into three categories:

Details - This displays the response rate as well as the confidence level for that particular session. A lower response rate will yield a lower confidence level and vice versa. Also displayed here is student information as well as session information.

Average Teaching Method Scores - This displays the session average for each question on the evaluation.

The large number displays the average for the specific session, while the small number below it represents how much this value has increased or decreased from your last session.

Above this box, you will also see an overall percentage of respondents who understood the material.

Students - At the bottom of the page, you are able to view the responses of each individual student who completed the session.

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