Objective Selection Form is completed for the IDEA Diagnostic Feedback and IDEA Learning Essentials evaluations to provide information about learning objectives that are relevant in the course section. For information on selecting appropriate learning objectives, please see IDEA's resources here.

Instructor Completion of OSFs: 

Instructors will be notified by email to complete their OSFs for upcoming sections that are being evaluated. OSFs are available to be filled out up until the close date of an administration. After the administration window closes, selections will be available in a read only view. This will allow instructors to look back at previous semesters to review what they have selected.

Administrators can also monitor instructor completion of OSFs and send reminder mailings to instructors who have not completed their forms. 

Administrators will be able to view what objectives were chosen as relevant within the instructors Summative report.

Please note: One OSF is filled out for cross-listed course sections. All cross-listed course sections must be evaluated within the same administration in order for the OSF to be available.

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