Objective Selections are completed by administrators or instructors for the IDEA Diagnostic Feedback and IDEA Learning Essentials evaluations.  Objectives can be set to Minor, Important, or Essential.  For information on selecting appropriate learning objectives, please see IDEA's resources here.

The Objective Selection Form Manager

The objective selection manager allows instructors to set all of their objectives from one screen, streamlining the Objective Selection Form (OSF) process.  Instructors will also be able to compare objectives from a past course section with objectives they have set for a current course section.

Generally, instructors are notified via email by a site administrator that they should log into Evaluate and complete their OSFs for upcoming sections that are being evaluated. OSFs are available to be filled out up until the close date of an administration.


Selecting objectives

  1. Instructors can log into https://yourinstitution.campuslabs.com/faculty and click on OSF Manager in the grey bar.

  2. Instructors can then look for the row containing the course section they would like to set objectives for.  All course sections where objectives need to be completed will be shown and are sorted by semester with the most recent semester showing at the top.

  3. To the right of the section details, the instructor may click each grey button corresponding to the objective they would like to set a rating for. This will display the selection options.Selection.png
  4. The instructor can read the objective description and then choose their rating.  After a selection has been made, it will automatically be saved and a save banner will be shown in green along the top of the screen.  Clicking the grey button a second time will close the selection window.

  5. This process can be continued for all objectives for each relevant course section.

A few things to note:

  • If objectives have been set and locked by an administrator, an instructor will see the ratings for all of the objectives and a lock symbol next to the course section.  The lock symbol indicates that objectives have been set and cannot be changed by the instructor

  • If objectives have been autofilled by an administrator, an instructor will see any objectives that have been set for them as already filled in.  The instructor will be able to increase the value of an objective but are not able to decrease its value.


  • If no objectives have been selected by an administrator the instructor will see a grey box with a dash (-). This indicates that a rating has not been set for that objective.  Instructors can then select the appropriate objective rating for their course section.

  • *Any objective left as a dash (-) will convert to "Important" when reports are generated.

Comparing objectives

The OSF manager also allows an instructor to easily see their previous objective selections for a course section.  This allows instructors to easily compare and see which objectives match their selections for a current course section.

  1. Once on the OSF Manager page, select a term and previous course section from the drop-down menus.

  2. The previous course section that was chosen, along with the objectives that were chosen for it, will now be displayed at the top of the page.  Instructors may then review the course section and objectives to be sure the correct course section was selected.

  3. Compare the objective selections.  For current course section(s) where objectives have already been set, there will now be a green indicator on each objective button where selections match.

  4. Based on this comparison, the instructor can then make any updates necessary to the current course section selections.



The Objective Selection Form

The original objective selection form is still available on a course section from an instructors home page and is a way for an instructor to fill out objectives for an individual course section.


Administrators can also monitor instructor completion of OSFs and send reminder mailings to instructors who have not completed their forms. 

Administrators will be able to view what objectives were chosen as relevant within each instructor's Summative report.

Please note: If an Instructor has completed their OSF and their section has then been removed from an administration and placed in a new administration, the instructor's selections will be removed and they will need to make these selections again using one of the above methods.

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