Where to begin:

Reporting guide for Deans and Chairs

Getting and interpreting my reports:

How can Deans and Chairs see results for their colleges/departments?

Summative and Formative Reports for IDEA Campuses

Reporting Tools + IDEA (Video)

Administrator Reporting Guide

Key Articles:

IDEA/OSF Basics  

How the mean is calculated



  • Why can’t I view my results?

Reports may not have been released yet by your campus administrator OR you may have not met the threshold or the number of results to force your results to be released.

Here is more information on Thresholds . You can also reach out to your course evaluation administrator for more assistance as well.

  • Can I print my instructor reports?

You are able to print individual course reports by clicking the  button next to the term name, however, summary reports can only be printed through your normal browser functions.

  •  Are student responses anonymous?

Yes – instructors and report administrators cannot see the names or identifiers of individual students.



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