Not sure what you can do to get the word out about course evaluations? Here are some examples on how to market your course evaluations campus-wide:

  • Email - the Evaluate system will allow you to send mass mailings to students needing to complete evaluations; these mailings will  only be sent to students who have not yet completed all of the evaluations in the administration.
  • Campus Portals - the link to access evaluations is the same for all students, so you can show-off that link in your campus portals (LMS, email, etc.). Our system also has a Blackboard Building Block.
  • Campus Webpage Notices - publish that course evaluations are live for students on your campus homepage. When using computers in the library or computer labs, this is often the home page for all browsers, so students will see it immediately.
  • Social Media - everyone knows that students are all over social media these days! Use your institution's social media accounts to spread the word about evaluations. Often, student leaders follow these institution accounts and can help share the news with other students as well.
  • Posters/Flyers - utilize your campus' bulletin boards to the max with flyers about course evaluations; you can create QR codes for the link to the evaluations and students can take the evals on their way to class via their smart phones if they have them. See below for flyer examples from our member campuses!
  • Student Media - employ your campus newspaper, radio station, and T.V. station and advertise the course evaluation period.
  • Faculty Participation - this is the most important one of all! Faculty must talk about evaluations in class as this is the primary form of communication students will receive when on campus. If faculty do not talk about it, you'll find your response rates are much lower than they should be, but once those faculty participate you'll see those rates rise!
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