In the beginning of the semester you may tend to think that you have plenty of time to plan for your course evaluation administrations. That's not true! Before you know it, the days will fly by and the red circled deadline on your calendar is here! Don't get caught unprepared! There is plenty of work you can do mid-semester to help the process run smoothly:

  1. Establish your launch date for evaluations. Once you have your start and end dates for your evaluations, you can start making deadlines for the rest of the steps of the steps below. Also, notify your consultant at Campus Labs about these dates!

  2. Notify your data management staff of when data needs to be imported into the site. We recommend importing the data at least a week before the evaluation launch so missing or incorrect data can be fixed before the launch. If you plan to allow faculty to add custom questions, Users, Course Sections, and Faculty Enrollment data should be imported to allow the faculty plenty of time to add the questions to their sections. 

  3. Make sure your Institutional Units all have levels assigned.  Each unit needs to have a level assigned in order for reporting to work correctly.


  4. Review your evaluation questions. Ask yourself: Are there any changes that need to be made this semester? Are there any new questions that should be added? Do the colleges, departments, or programs have new questions that should be included? 
    • Send out an email to different administrators on campus to find out what needs to be added or removed. Once you have that information send your consultant the changes and we'll do the rest!
    • Be sure all of your custom questions are turned on or off depending on your needs.
    • Contact if you need any changes made.

  5. Update your email templates. Find out if there are any changes that need to be made to the text that will be sent to faculty and students. Emails may be inputted into the system at any time.

  6. Update report permissions for new staff such as deans, department chairs, or committee members. Even though they will not be able to view the data yet, they may want to log in during the survey administration and review their areas' response rates. Start your communication plan.

  7. Set up your administrations.  Be sure that after you have set up your administrations you check your WARNINGS.

  8. Set up mailings for students and faculty for each administration.  Use the mailing templates you set up to add mailings to each administration.  Remember that you can set up your initial student mailing as well as reminder mailings all at the same time.

  9. Start updating your webpages, sending email correspondence, and creating marketing materials such as flyers and videos. Get help from different departments on campus for this step. For more information, check out Communicating about Course Evaluations!

  10. Schedule a refresher training. Course evaluations are usually a small portion of most administrator's jobs. It's easy to forget how to do different tasks within the program. If you need to brush up on your course evaluation skills, don't hesitate to check out our upcoming training opportunities. We are always happy to get you back up to speed!

  11. Encourage Faculty to Register for Training. For faculty that are unaware of the course evaluation process, our "User Experience and Reporting Overview" training allows them to see the student experience, find out what reports are available, be notified of the launch date, and have an opportunity to ask questions about the process. 
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