There are a number of things that your campus can do to improve response rates for online course evaluations. Below are some examples:

  1. Have the evaluation become a course requirement by including it on the syllabus or escorting students to a computer lab during class time, or you could simply allow students to login to take their evaluations during your class time via their smart phone, iPad, or laptop.
  2. Provide early access to grades once evaluations are completed.
  3. Provide students class credit based on the response rate threshold. For example, if 80% of the class completes their evaluations, all students get two extra points on their exam!
  4. Share evaluations results. Students want to know how faculty and administrators are using the results of the evaluations, so they do not get the impression they are taking the evaluations for no purpose. A faculty member can share results with classes and explain what they may have changed to their course based on the student feedback.
  5. Offer a campus-wide incentive. For example, if a student completes all of their course evaluations for the term, they are automatically entered in drawing to win an iPad, a scholarship, or a laptop!

Also see our video on the Top 10 Ways to Boost Student Responses.

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