Institutional Unit

Also referred to as an organizational unit. Used to identify areas within the University/College for question assignment and reporting access. Example: College of Arts and Sciences --> Foreign Languages --> French

Course Section Attribute

Identifies information about the course such as the type (Lab, Lecture, Online), the time in which the course is assessed, or the location of the course. Attributes can be used for question assignment and for reporting.

Academic Terms

Also referred to as a semester. Typically identified as Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter with the year identifier. Used in the Course import to identify when the course was assessed.

Faculty Type

Utilized for question assignment. Typically used to identify the faculty as Primary, Secondary, or Teaching Assistant. Questions are then assigned by type so that a different set of questions may be asked about a Primary faculty than the Teaching Assistant. Faculty Types are identified in the Faculty Enrollment import to support a user having multiple types per course.

User Role

Identifies what the role(s) of a user are on campus. Typically used to identify Full Time Faculty, Part Time Faculty. 

Report Administrator

Used to identify anyone who has reporting access. Roles include Department Chair, Dean, Provost, or Administrative Assistant.


Also referred to as a session or survey. Allows for multiple administrations to run concurrently to accommodate rolling administrations. Administrations can be set up for 5 week, 8 week, 16 week courses etc.


Also referred to as a questionnaire. Evaluations are groupings of questions that can be asked by the core (all), and then by college, department, program, or course attribute. A core set of questions is not required but is recommended. 

Institutional Unit ID (also known as organization chart ID). This is the area that the course belongs to. If the same as the subject, list the Subject code here. If the course belongs to an area different than the subject, put the correct identifier here. 

Cross Listed Course
All students who are enrolled in a cross listed section, regardless of the subject listing through which he or she may have enrolled, experience the same course. We will combine cross listed courses sections together for reporting purposes. If a course is not cross listed, leave blank in the import files.

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