Accessing Anthology Evaluate

1. To access your Evaluate site, please go to

2. Login to the site using your campus username and password.


Review Course, Enrollment, and User Details

As a Setup Administrator you may review details about the courses, enrollments, and users in your site. 

Setup Administrators may review:

  • Courses - click on the icon to review a list of courses that have been imported into the system
  • Reporting Assignments - click on the icon to review a list of reporting assignments that pertain to Deans, Chairs, and other staff on campus
  • Users - click on the icon to review a list of users in the system. Reporting assignments may be configured in this area by clicking on someone's name and then adding the appropriate permissions in the 'Roles' area. See a video on this process here.
  • Mailing Templates -  email templates may be added, edited, or removed. 

Creating Administrations

Setup Administrators have access to create new Administrations.  To create new administrations see Setting up an Administration.


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