This article will describe the Evaluate administration process from start to finish! 


Importing Data

Your data manager will need to import the following files before an administration can be created.

1. Academic Terms
2. Org Units
3. Courses
4. Sections
5. Cross Listing
6. Enrollments
7. Instructors
8. Attributes

For more information about the import process, please click here.


Creating an Administration

Creating an administration is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Follow the steps in Setting up an Administration for detailed instructions. You will be asked to schedule reports for report administrators and faculty at this time, but it is not required. Reports can be released to these groups after the administration closes, if you prefer.

Faculty Questions may be enabled at this point as well. If you choose to allow faculty to create custom questions for each of their course sections, they must do so before the administration begins. Once the administration begins, faculty will no longer be able to add questions.

You are able to create an administration without student enrollment data imported, so this will allow faculty an ample amount of time to create their questions. Enrollment data can be imported and/or edited as long as the administration is active; once the administration is closed, enrollment can no longer be edited.

When creating an administration you’ll also be able to set up initial email notifications for students and faculty, so be sure you’ve created your mailing templates during site set up!

Once your administration is created, you’ll want to do the following items:

  • Check if there are any warnings, which will alert you to courses that may have no faculty or student enrollment
  • Preview the evaluation on a sample group of course sections (particularly those with multiple faculty members).
  • Schedule any remaining reminder mailings for students and faculty (see Creating & Managing Campaigns in Mailing Center for instructions).

In some cases, specific course sections may require an extended evaluation period. See Extending an Evaluation for a Course if you wish to extend the end date of the administration for a specific section.


Good news! Your administration is all set!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Once an administration is closed, it cannot be reopened. As the end date draws near, if you feel you need to extend the evaluation period, do so before the end date!
  • Keep an eye on response rates and schedule reminder mailings as necessary.

To keep track of which students have completed their evaluations, see the following articles or contact your Anthology specialist.

Once your administration has closed and reports are released, you may view the results of your evaluations. Check out Step 3: Reporting for a quick guide!

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