Where do I begin?

Before you set up your first administration, ensure that the following actions have been performed.

In the Administration tab, click Create Administration in the term that you have imported your courses to.

The Create Administration area is split into two main sections- Select Course Sections and Select Details.

1) Select Course Sections- First, select the institutional unit you are responsible for. This will then filter to all available courses in that unit. You also have the option to filter further by parts of term. From here, you have the option to create your administration with all available courses, filter by an attribute, or put in a select group of courses to evaluate. 

2) Select Details- Choose your evaluation, enter a name for your administration(administration names cannot include commas), schedule survey dates for students, faculty, and admins, and choose if you'd like to allow Faculty Custom Questions

After clicking Create Administration, you are taken to the administration page, where further changes may be made. Additional courses/mailings may be added, dates may be modified, or the evaluation for a specific course section may be previewed. If the incorrect instructor or student has been added to the course, enrollments can be adjusted manually. Changes may be made at anytime, even if the administration is active. 

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