How do I create Report Administrator Roles?


To assign Report Administrator Roles to users such as Deans, Chairs, or Program Heads to see the results of a collective group of courses follow the steps below!

  1. From the homepage click on Users.
  2. Search for the user you would like to assign a role to.
  3. Click on the user to open the user profile.
  4. Click on the blue Add button.
    *Note: The Report Admin pane will not appear if the Course Evaluation Admin option is selected. 
  5. Choose the Report Admin Role you would like to assign to the user from the drop-down menu.AddReportRole.png
  6. Choose the Institutional Unit the user should be able to see results for from the drop-down menu. *Note: a user may hold multiple Report Administrator Roles if necessary.
  7. Click Add
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