This article will describe what types of reports are available after your Evaluate administrations have closed.

What types of reports are available in Evaluate?

In Evaluate, there are two different categories of reports available, reports for faculty members and reports for administrators. Report and Site Administrators will have access to Instructor Summary Reports and the Question Mean Analysis as well as reports that faculty see (Instructor Course Reports).

A Report Administrator is capable of viewing other faculty members’ data, but would not necessarily be responsible for setting up the site (the chair of the Biology Department would be able to see Biology faculty reports only). For more information on how to make and assign report administrator roles, please see Creating/Editing User Roles and Assigning Report Administrator Roles to Users.

Faculty members have access to the following reports:

  1. Quantitative and Qualitative Results
  2. Segment Comparison

Instructors can access their reports online through their Faculty Dashboard.

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