1. From the homepage click on Mailing Templates
  2. Click Creating Mailing Template
  3. Provide the following:
    • Template Name (for your identification)
    • Message From Name - this will appear in the recipients' inbox.
      • TIP: For student mailings, make this something the student will recognize such as: The Registrar's Office, your institution name, etc. The recipient is more likely to open the email.
    • Message Reply to Address - should a student or faculty member reply to the email, this where responses will go
    • Message Subject - this appears in the subject line of the recipients' inbox.
  4. Write the Message Body
    • Basic formatting features are available for your message such as: text color, various Font Families, Bold, Italicize, Underline, and Strike-through, as well as alignment options. 
    • The Placeholders drop-down menu should be utilized to help personalize your message and provide recipients with the links to the Course Evaluation Platform. Placeholders include: First Name, Last Name, Username, Student Access Link, and Faculty Access Link.
      • IMPORTANT: Your message MUST have either the Student Access Link or the Faculty Access Link included in the message or recipients will not know where to access the platform.
  5. Once finished, click Create
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