Summary reports bring all of the course section results for a semester into one place so that users can look at results for the questions that were asked across course sections.


Instructors will find their Summary Reports on their homepage.



Administrators will find an Instructors Summary Report by choosing Faculty Reports from their homepage.  There will then be a link to an instructors Summary Report.



Report Availability
Summary reports are available as soon as the administrator has released reports for any of the instructor’s course sections. As course sections have their reports released the data for that course section will be added to the summary report.

Report Status
Since summary reports are available before all reports are released, a report status column is included. There are four possible report statuses for a course section:

  • Released
  • Not Released
  • Not Released (report release date)
  • Threshold Not Met



When viewing a summary report, course selections are hyperlinked allowing users to view the individual course report in a new tab.



Print Option
Instructors no longer need to be dependent on the Campus Administrators to send them their summary reports. By logging in and clicking on the “Print” button within the summary report, instructors can print an up-to-date report whenever they would like.



Provide a link directly to Summary Reports in mailings to your Instructors by using the placeholder within the body of the email.





If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your Anthology Consultant.

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