We understand that over time, changes may need to be made to questions that you have previously used. When these situations arise, we ask you to work with your consultant to modify the evaluations. This is necessary because if changes are made to a question that was previously used and contains previous evaluation data, that question will change for every single evaluation it was included on.

So anytime changes or edits are needed for an evaluation, please be explicit and clear with your intentions, directions, and expected outcomes. This will help us guarantee we are making the correct changes for your campus and will help us avoid any larger data issues.

When working with a consultant or support, they can make the following changes to your evaluation:

  • For question sets (projects) that have already been used:
    • Add a new question
    • Archive/exclude a question or un-archive/un-exclude a question
    • Re-arrange questions
    • Fix a typo
    • Fix/Update the scale values or alternate codes
    • Update Instructor Type questions

Changes like those listed above will have limited impact on previous evaluations, but it’s always important to remember how changes can impact your system and the data it contains. If you're ever uncertain, don't hesitate to reach out.

Custom Questions:

If a brand-new question set needs to be entered for an institutional organizational unit or attribute, this may be done by anyone with Evaluate administrator access. You may click on 'add questions' next to any area that has not previously had questions applied. After that question set has been used, the same rules as above will apply (excluding versus deleting). 

*Please note- we recommend compiling the list of questions to be added to a new evaluation prior to your survey launch for that semester.


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