1. Insert a page - Before
  2. Move back to the previous page/ see all the pages as an overview/ or move forward to the next page
  3. Insert a page - After
  4. Edit Page Properties (Display logic, Page titles, or the option to exclude the page from the evaluation)
  5. Instructor-Specific Questions by the Page (Instructor page enables user to have page of questions display multiple times for each instructor role selected i.e., Lab, Primary, Teaching Assistant, Preceptor, Secondary)

  6. Assign Instructor-Specific Questions via each individual question (Like the Instructor Page, but question specific; each question will display for each instructor associated with the section)
  7. Copy/ duplicate question set (*Helpful if responses are the same (i.e., Strongly agree – Strongly disagree) but question text is different)
  8. Delete Questions (If question has data tied to it from previous evaluations/semesters/terms USE EXCLUDE RATHER THAN DELETE)

Sequence dropdown - will change the order of the questions and immediately rearrange their order.

Page dropdown - will change the page the questions are displayed on and immediately send the question to that page.

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