Evaluate Administrators have the ability to export raw data from the Evaluate survey by term and evaluation. To export the spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reporting > Faculty Reports
  2. Select the proper Term and Evaluation 
  3. Click Export Responses


  4. In the pop-up window, it will notify you that an email will be sent to your inbox when the export is ready, click Export.
  5. Once you receive the email, you can download the file.

Please note: The Raw Data Export exports only in full, and cannot be filtered down by Organizational Units.

The file includes:

  • Unique student identifier (generically assigned and does not relate back to the real user's ID)
  • Course Section External ID
  • Course Subject/Catalog/Section/Title
  • Assigned Institutional Unit
  • Administration Name
  • Administration Dates
  • Instructor
  • Instructor External ID
  • Course Section Attributes
  • One column per question

Please note: when the Instructor Name/ID says "Course Section Results" this means that the row of data you are looking at will include only the results to the questions about the course (non-repeating). Rows of data with the instructor's name will show the results for that person. There may be 3 entries per student- one for the course, one for instructor #1 and one for instructor #2 (in cases of team teaching). The cells will be blank for the row/question that does not have any results (e.g. it was a course question or it was an instructor question). 

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