Course Learning Objectives Autofill Form

An institution using the IDEA Diagnostic Feedback or IDEA Learning Essentials instruments to evaluate a section require an Objective Selection Form(OSF) to be filled out per section.  This process can happen in three different ways.

  1. Instructors can choose their own objectives for the sections they are teaching.  They would do this by logging into the Instructor experience and filling out an OSF for each section. They will have until the the end date of the evaluation to do so.
  2. An administrator can Autofill objectives for a course.  This gives the administrator the ability to choose what the objectives are for a course.  The selections that are made for a course will be applied to all sections of that course.  The selections will remain in place semester after semester until a change is made.  With this option Instructors will be able to view their OSF for a section and increase the value of an objective but will not be able to decrease the value of an objective.  For example if an administrator had set a learning objective to Important the Instructor would still have the ability to change that objective to be Essential.
  3. An administrator can take action #2 above and then lock the objectives for a course. Locking the objectives means the Instructors will not have the ability to change the value of the objectives that have been locked by the administrator.  This will also remove those Instructors from receiving the OSF reminder mailings.

Full Site Administrators can follow the steps below to update courses with the appropriate learning objectives.

To autofill objectives for a course

1. From the homepage click on Autofill Objectives

2. Select the course that you would like to select learning objectives for by clicking on the subject and number of the course.


3. Select the appropriate objectives, then click "Save".


To lock the objectives for the course

4. (optional) Lock the objectives by clicking on the checkbox next to the course you would like to lock the objectives for.

If an Instructor has not yet made their objective selections, they will see the autofilled objectives on their course section OSF.

In cases where the faculty fills out the Objectives Selection Form before the course learning objectives are preset, the Instructor's selections will be kept only if they are greater than or equal to the preset selection.

Instructor view of autofilled OSF


Instructor view of a autofilled and locked OSF




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