Faculty may view summative and formative reports for each course evaluated, which is accessed through the Faculty Experience

Click View Results to see the evaluation results from the IDEA instrument for that course. The summative and formative reports are located in easy to read tabs. 


Summative Reports

Click on the Progress on Relevant Objectives and Overall Ratings boxes to view the results in a more detailed manner. You may also choose to view the adjusted averages or the raw averages using the View drop-down menu.

Click on Description of Course and Students to expand the course and student details. 


Formative Reports

This page will list the questions about Teaching Methods and Styles.

Students rate how often they observed specific teaching methods being used in the course. The feedback provided to faculty on these teaching methods includes links to resources for improving their understanding and skills of the methods. Click on the question to view more detailed information and access POD IDEA Notes regarding your Suggested Action.

The Quantitative, Qualitative, and Segment Comparison reports are also available for all evaluations using the IDEA Education instrument. 

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