When students log into Evaluate they are taken to a dashboard that shows all of the evaluations that are available for them to take.  Student can take their evaluations from any device that connects to the internet.

How Student Access their Experience

  1. Administrators can use Evaluate to send an email to students with the student access link included.  https://<yourschool>.campuslabs.com/courseeval/
  2. The student access link can be given to the students in class or via another communication.
  3. The Institution can set up an LTI so that students can login directly from an LMS.

With options 1 & 2 above students will log into the system using the same username and password they would use for other systems on campus like their email.

The Student Dashboard

When a student logs into the Evaluate website, they are first presented with a list of course sections that they are currently enrolled in that are part of an administration. Sections are shown in the following categories:

Current Evaluations - Sections that are available to be evaluated

Submitted Evaluations - Sections where the student has completed their evaluation

Upcoming Evaluations - Sections where the evaluation period has not begun yet, but are scheduled to be evaluated

Closed Evaluations - Sections where the evaluation window has closed



To begin any evaluation, click on the Start button. The site will then direct you to begin the evaluation. Evaluations are paginated for easier survey taking. The amount of pages and questions displayed is decided by your school. Once you begin your evaluation, you will see a number of questions listed on each page. Please note that certain questions may be asked about your instructor and are noted by showing the name of the person you are evaluating.

When you have completed all of the questions, the system will redirect you back to the home page and your section will then be moved to the Submitted tab. If you realized you made a mistake you may click on the Edit button to make changes. The edit button will stay available until the survey window closes.

If at anytime you need to leave the evaluation before you have finished, you may click on the Course List or Logout buttons that appear at the top of each page. The next time you return to the website you will see a Continue button next to the course and the system will place you back on where you left off. You can hit the back button on any page to make modifications to questions already answered.
*Please note that if you do not fully complete your evaluation you will stay on your schools reminder list.Student_Experience_Evaluation.png

Once a course evaluation has been completed the page below will be displayed.



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