We are thrilled to announce that effective September 5, 2023, Anthology Evaluate has transitioned to the Mailing Center as the exclusive communication tool to enhance email communication with learners, faculty, and administrators.

As part of this transition, the creation of new mailings within an administration has been discontinued to reduce confusion and streamline the process around setting up mailings. Going forward, all new mailings must be created directly within the Mailing Center interface.

This transition marks a significant shift toward a more efficient and flexible approach to communication while retaining the valuable functionalities of Associated Mailings.

For more information on the expanded capabilities of the Mailing Center, we encourage you to explore our support resource, Transitioning to the Mailing Center.


Explore additional resources

Additionally, we offer a diverse range of resources tailored to different levels of experience. We invite you to explore the helpful articles and tutorials below based on your level of proficiency:

1. New to the Mailing Center? Learn the essentials of getting started with our guide "Creating & Managing Campaigns in Mailing Center."

2. Discover the benefits of dynamic Placeholders: Familiarize yourself with our newest Course Section Details placeholder, exclusive to the Mailing Center, through our guide "Using Placeholders in Mailings."

3. Master advanced mailing techniques and strategies: Log in to your Anthology Academy account, or create an account using your campus credentials, to learn how to optimize your approach to mailings with our comprehensive video tutorial "Advanced Mailing Center Tutorial". And don’t miss the supplemental PDF resource, "Effectively Utilize the Mailing Center."

These valuable resources delve into advanced techniques, including maximizing audience filters, harnessing dynamic placeholders, and establishing multiple delivery dates for mailings.


Thank you,The Anthology Evaluate Team


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