Learners are typically enrolled in multiple courses which each may have different start and end dates to complete their course evaluations. Keeping track of which evaluations are incomplete and when they are due is a potential hurtle for completing them. Historically, Anthology Evaluate has relied on emails to notify learners of their incomplete evaluations. 

We are excited to share that the team has developed two integration options available with Blackboard Learn. Both options take advantage of the opportunity to leverage a system where the learner is already spending their time and is familiar with the interface. Integration options include:

  1. Calendar Events (compatible with both Blackboard Learn Ultra and Original)
  2. Evaluation Reminders (exclusive to Blackboard Learn Ultra)

Calendar Events functionality:

This integration empowers learners to plan ahead and make time to take their course evaluations by giving them advanced notice of upcoming evaluations and their due dates. 

  • Gives learners notice of upcoming evaluations through Calendar 
  • Start and End date calendar events for learners 
  • Additional notification displays for learners in Activity Stream (Ultra only

Evaluation Reminders functionality:

This integration displays a notification right on the Courses page within the LMS. 

  • Notifies learners of incomplete evaluations when they land on Courses 
  • Reminder contains important information like status (started/not started) and the due date 
  • Contains links to launch learners directly into taking the evaluation
  • Notification will persist as long as the learner has an open and incomplete evaluation
  • Learners can close the notification at will

See the reminder in action from the learner's perspective.

This development marks a significant step forward in our partnership with Blackboard Learn, working toward the goal of enhancing the experience of learners. Please visit our support article on how to setup and take advantage of these integration options for more details.

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