announce_icon.pngEffective September 5, 2023! All communication needs are now managed through the Mailing Center

Anthology Evaluate has transitioned to the Mailing Center as the exclusive communication tool to enhance email communication with learners, faculty, and administrators.

As part of this transition, the creation of new mailings within an administration has been discontinued to reduce confusion and streamline the process around setting up mailings. Going forward, all new mailings must be created directly within the Mailing Center interface.

Improved Communications

As well as being a centralized hub for all communications within the product, new functionality includes extended options and expanded control over who will be included in a mailing, a new dynamic placeholder, and additional insight into the delivery of mailings.

What Makes the Mailing Center Better?

Associated Mailings, within an Administration, is an isolated method of communication that restricts mailings to a single administration and offers minimal options for audience targeting. As a result, users have limited control over the reach and effectiveness of their mailing campaigns.

The Mailing Center introduces a new approach that improves the efficiency and flexibility of the process while retaining all the valuable functionality of Associated Mailings. Its expanded reach and advanced audience targeting create more customizable mailing campaigns that can reach a wider audience and target specific groups with greater precision. The new system has also expanded its feature offerings with a new dynamic course section details placeholder and advanced delivery scheduling options. These enhancements enable you to tailor your mailings for more engaging and effective communication with your audience.

Flexible Audience Filtering

New flexible Audience Filters put you in control of creating conditions that your audience must meet to be included in the mailing. Conditions can be fully customized to your needs by leveraging new and existing options that can target users for a range of different factors. The available options will vary based on relevance to the selected audience type.

This is a significant improvement from Associated Mailings which offers a limited number of pre-determined mailing types to target users within the student and instructor audience.

Dynamic Placeholder

All existing Placeholders found in Associated Mailings are available in The Mailing Center with the exciting addition of the Course Section Details placeholder. This is a dynamic placeholder that can be used when you are targeting student mailings, instructor mailings or paired with the Learning Objective Selection rule to provide personalized insight into the course sections the mailing refers to.


Scheduling for mailings has been improved upon in the Mailing Center by expanding the feature to all audience types and offering greater control over the frequency and tailoring of each message to drive engagement.

For a quick guide on what's changing in the new system, check out our infographic on transitioning from Associated Mailings to The Mailing Center.

Comparing Communication Solutions


Associated Mailings

Mailing Center

How do I access it? Through the Edit Administration page From the Mailing Center tile on the Home page
Who can I target for communication?
  • Student
  • Instructor
  • Student
  • Instructor
  • Report Administrator
    Tag Based
    (Tag Based mailings are only active for sites using the Distributed Permissions system)
What are the audience limitations? Student and Instructor users limited to single administration Any users within the system grouped by type
How can I target different audiences?
  • Students:
    • Who have not completed their evaluation per Administration
  • Instructors:
    • Who are teaching Course Sections per Administration
    • Who have available reports per Administration
    • Who have not completed OSF per Administration
  • Students:
    • Who are enrolled as a student in a Term
    • Targeted by Response Status (Complete, Incomplete)
    • Targeted by Administration Name (single or multiple)
    • Targeted by Administration Status (Scheduled, Current, Past)
  • Instructors:
    • Who are enrolled as an instructor in a Term
    • Who have available reports
    • Who have not completed OSF
    • Targeted by Administration Name (single or multiple)
    • Targeted by Administration Status (Scheduled, Current, Past)
  • Report Administrators or Tag Based:
    • Grouped by Role or Tag Name
Will users receive multiple mailings per course section? Users will receive a mailing per course section per administration Users will receive a mailing per campaign
What placeholders are available?
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Site Access Links
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Site Access Links
  • Course Section Details
How can I schedule the mailings? Setup a student mailing with ability to repeat or setup individual instructor mailing for each mailing needed Setup multiple mailings at once with custom schedule for all audiences

Already been using the Mailing Center? Check out these advanced techniques and strategies

Log in to your Anthology Academy account, or create an account using your campus credentials, to learn how to optimize your approach to mailings with our comprehensive video tutorial "Advanced Mailing Center Tutorial". And don’t miss the supplemental PDF resource, "Effectively Utilize the Mailing Center."


The switch from Associated Mailings to the Mailing Center represents a significant step towards a centralized, flexible platform for all Evaluate communications. The Mailing Center introduces new features that improve efficiency and flexibility, while retaining all the valuable functionality of Associated Mailings.

This transition demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving our services for our users.


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