Release Date: February 14, 2023


Release Overview

Evaluate Distributed Permissions Unified Screen and Mailing Center Tags



Distributed Permissions allow greater control over assigning granular permissions to create custom user access that better aligns with your institution's needs. This system will allow you to responsibly delegate Evaluate tasks and assign custom report access to any user or group across your institution.

With this release comes a new simplified screen that offers a more organized view of all permissions assigned to a user and tag-based mailing audience.


Unified Permissions Screen

A new simplified screen that offers a more organized view of all permissions assigned. Permissions are organized into three (3) categories displayed as panels, Data Management, Evaluation, and Reporting. Each panel houses multiple sub-categories and individual permission items that refer to specific areas of the site and the associated tasks.  You may manage the level and scope of access for each permission through the Actions and Data Access columns.  




Learn more by visiting: Distributed Permissions & Distributed Permission Item Details


Utilizing Tags in Distributed Permissions

The distributed Permissions system allows for the use of Tags for organizing users. Tags are markers that can be applied to individual (user accounts) within your Evaluate permissions. You can utilize these markers in any way you choose, however, they are typically useful for organization and in labeling users with similar permission assignments or campus roles.

Using Tags to Further Restrict Report Access

The Faculty Reports permission, found under the Reporting panel, will allow you to add additional restrictions to report access with the use of Tags.

Follow the steps above to assign report access to an Organizational Unit. By default, users have access to all reports assigned within the selected org unit.

If desired, Tags may be used to control reporting views. The use of Tags in Set Data Access will restrict which reports are visible to the user to the reports associated with other users that have the same Tag applied to their User Account.

Learn more by visiting: Distributed Permissions

Tag Based Mailings

Tag Based audience is similar to the Report Administrator audience. 

The tags are assigned to a user, not tied to a Term or Organization Unit, the same way a faculty/report admin role would be in the classic permission system. Report Administrator audience is not available in Distributed Permissions and instead will be Tag Based. Comparably, Tag Based is not available to institutions on Classic Permissions.



Learn more by visiting: Creating & Managing Campaigns in Mailing Center


Helpful Resources

Be sure to check these sites for additional information related to this and other releases:

Note of Appreciation 

The Anthology Evaluate team would like to share a note of appreciation to some of the many users who invested their time in providing feedback to assist the team through the research and development of this release to provide a granular permissions system and simplified user experience. 

  • Ann Brookhart, Duke University
  • Crystal Graziano, Northern Arizona University
  • Brandy Hawkins, Angelo State University
  • Lindsay Hayes, University of South Dakota
  • Megan Holder, Park University
  • Sean Krueger, University of Rhode Island
  • Sarabecca Martin, Heritage University
  • Monmouth University
  • Annie Printup, Daemen College
  • Cordell Riley, Bermuda College
  • Karina Serrano, Biola University
  • Thomas University
  • Julia Thompson, Auburn University
  • Dee Thornton, Jacksonville University
  • Kevin Wiles, Boston University
  • Marian Williams, Auburn University
  • University of Alabama – Birmingham


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