Two Features to Support Even Better Teaching and Learning

To help you get ready for the academic year, here are two new features to support your institution’s academic goals.


Trends Analysis – An Instructor Resource for Professional Development

With this new feature, your instructors will be able to:

  • Use at-a-glance reports to focus on quality of instruction
  • View results across multiple academic terms without having to pull up side-by-side reports

Make connections between longitudinal data sets for holistic insights


See a course-by-course breakdown of key responses over several terms.


See overall rating for every course taught each semester.


Autofill and Lock Option- A New Way to Ensure Uniform Course Learning Objectives

With this new feature, administrators will be able to:

  • Standardize course objectives and ensure consistent expectations for student learning
  • Select the view-only option to prevent instructors from changing pre-set objectives

This is an optional feature which provides the flexibility for administrators to have instructors choose their own objectives for the course sections they teach. Full details are on our support site.

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