We've Added Cross Listing as a Data Field in the Sections File

If you use Core Data files, you now have a better, more efficient way to manage your cross listings. Our new cross listing feature allows you to manually import cross listings via the Sections file through your Management sites at any time. You can also export your Sections file and see all of the cross listings that have been assigned to course sections.

Because we’re adding cross listing as a new data field to the section files, the current Cross Listing file will be removed on December 31, 2017.

Full details on this enhancement are available here.


Coming Soon: Two New Features You're Going to Love

You gave us input, and we listened. Just in time for the fall term, we’ll be releasing two new features. Both have been designed in response to valuable Member Campus feedback over the past several months.

Distributed Control for greater flexibility over managing user permissions

  • Grants access across organizational units so more users can set up evaluations and assign reporting access
  • Allows access to be as granular as the individual course sections
  • Provides the option for departments to customize the timing of their evaluations without having to go through the Site Administrator

Instructor Development Reporting for a better grasp of the big picture

  • Makes it possible to view results across multiple academic terms without having to pull up side-by-side reports
  • Empowers you to make connections between longitudinal data sets for holistic insights

At Campus Labs, your continued success inspires us to keep innovating. We’re always working to enhance your experience and transform your relationship with data.


The Campus Labs Team

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