Anthology Evaluate provides a web service that your central IT or a departmental programmer at your institution can use to query Anthology and determine whether a given student has completed the evaluation of a given course section for a particular semester/term. This query is performed using the unique identifier provided to Anthology for each of your students. A common use of this web service is for institutions to create an application/script hosted on campus that can be invoked by other applications on campus in order to decide whether a student should receive access to a service or be provided with information (i.e., the triggering of final grade release upon completion of all end of term evaluations).


Information provided from the API

PersonIdentifier The username entered into the request
StudentStatus  Completion status of the student (NotStarted, In Progress, Complete). NotFound will be returned if the student does not exist for this course section.
AdministrationStatus Completion status of the administration the course section belongs to (Scheduled, In Progress, Completed).  NotFound will be returned if the student does not exsist for this course section.

For more information about setting up this API please see Student Status API Endpoints.

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