Student evaluations are considered completed when the student has clicked the next button of the last page of the evaluation.  Students have the ability to start an evaluation and continue it at a later time as well as the ability to edit their answer choices after they have completed the evaluation.  Students can only edit their evaluations during the time frame that the evaluations are collecting responses.  There are numerous benefits to these features.


  • Students may need to correct a mistake, for instance, they used the wrong scale
  • Students may realize that they gave feedback on an incorrect instructor
  • Students may want to delete or change a response after further reflection

Complete Responses

  • A student may start their evaluation and be pulled away from it for several reasons.  Allowing the student to continue the evaluation at a later point and time allows the student the opportunity to answer all the course evaluation questions.
  • A student may have skipped over a question due to time constraints.  With this feature students, would be able to go back to questions they previously did not have time to answer.

When setting up an administration please keep the above in mind.  If a student should not be able to respond after a certain point in the semester the administration should be closed before that point.

To ensure that student feedback represents their experience accurately administrators can:

  • Choose an administration window that ends before grades are distributed
  • Choose an administration window that ends before exams are given
  • Choose an administration window that allows for meaningful reflection without overburdening


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