Updates to Administrations

Administration Creation

We have made a few updates to the administration creation screen in order to simplify this process.


  • Step 1. Select Course Sections

The highest level institutional unit will now be selected by default.  If you would like to select a different unit to evaluate simply click on the Select button and choose a different unit.

  • Step 2. Selection Details

Selecting details and selecting dates have now been separated into two different steps.  

An administration name can no longer include commas.  If you do include a comma when you type the name on the administration creation page it will be removed when you click the create administration button.

  • Step 3. Select Dates

The start date time and report release date time have been defaulted to 8am.  If you would like to choose a different start time or report release time simply click on the clock icon and make a new selection.

  • Create Administration

This button has been moved from the lower right hand side of the screen to the upper right hand side of the screen.

After clicking on the Create Administration button the page will load to the Administrations screen.  If your administration needs more time to process you will see the image below.  Click on the refresh page button to see if the administration has finished processing.


Response Details Within an Administration

The response details within an administration will now show you the status of your administration as well as your response rate.  Also, you can now see the status of each evaluation: 'Not Started', 'Started' (but not complete), 'Complete'.

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