There is a new process for managing your institutional data set. Now that data is centralized it can no longer be manually modified within the Course Evaluation interface. At this time, all data must be provided to the platform via a manual import, sFTP, or API process.

To make this transition simpler, attached to this help article are the import files that you would need to fill out to make changes to your course sections, students, or faculty. The files will change depending on if you have upgraded to the new data format. If you are using the Old Data format, please use the templates labeled "CE2". If you are using the New Data format, please use the templates labeled "New". 


  • If you are using the old CE2 process and need to remove a student, please put Delete in the third column of the spreadsheet. That will inactivate the student from the course. 
  • If you need to remove a faculty using the CE2 or New import process, please email your consultant the details of the user to be removed and from which section. We will then take care of that for you. We will soon have a process in place to inactivate faculty from courses and will update this article when that process is available. 


Once the information has been added, you can import the data into your new Core Data management site at:

If you do not have permissions to the management site, you can request access from your Campus Labs consultant or forward the import templates to the person managing data at your campus (e.g. Data Manager). 


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