If you haven't already, please see the Getting Started page for more information on installing and configuring the Blackboard building block.

The Course Evaluation Student Access Link enables a campus to deploy a set of buttons in BlackBoard Learn that allows users of BlackBoard to link directly to Course Evaluations to take any available surveys.


Configure and Deploy the Quick Update Module(s)

Once you've configured the Building Block you’ll need to create a Module(s) using the Type that is generated through the Building Block.  Here are some instructions for Bb version 9.1: 

  1. Go to the Administrator Panel.
  2. Click Manage Modules on the Administrator Panel.
  3. Click Add Module in the action bar at the top of the page.
  4. Enter a title, select “Course Evaluation” type, and description.
  5. Select a settings for:
  • System Availability (is the module available system-wide?), 
  • Select from module list (does the module appear to Users as a module they can add or remove from Module Tabs?), and 

Allow Personalization (can Users modify the content of the module?).

  1. Make the module available to Everyone or Specific Roles
  2. Enter the usernames of any users that will be assigned to manage the content of the module. If no users are entered, only users with Administrator privileges that include managing the Portal will be able to manage the content of the module.
  3. Click Submit to create the module.
  4. The Module Content page specific to the Course Evaluation type should open.
  5. Define the content for the module including which parts of the module you’d like active, or click Submit to add the content at another time. From the Manage Module page, click Contents for a module to edit the content. If users are assigned to manage the content of a module, they can edit the content from any Module Tab where the module appears.  This allows you to tailor the custom text to specific audiences if you wish.


Portions of the instructions above were adapted from BlackBoard support documentation and may not cover all versions of BlackBoard Learn. Please consult BlackBoard for general questions about Building Block installation and Module deployment.

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